Exhibition: “Belle Époque and the Wasp Waistline” | until October 30

This exhibition of gowns inspired by the fashion trends of the Belle Époque transports us back to the times of flourishing cabarets, the birth of film and the unique style of Art Nouveau. The costumes were presented in the Palace’s main courtyard during this year’s Night of Museums.

The dresses were handmade by female students of the Warsaw School of Arts, the school of higher education in Poland with integrated studies in the field of professional theatrical and film make-up, theatrical/period costume design, props and set design, graphic design and new media art.

The gowns were presented by the Debutantes, participants of an educational and charitable programme realized by the Queen Maria Kazimiera Foundation and the King Jan III’s Palace Museum at Wilanów. Both institutions are avid promoters of historical values. The participants of the Debutantes Programme, students from all corners of Poland, meet once a month in order to attend numerous lectures and workshops providing them with knowledge and skills invaluable in the life of any cultured young woman. The lectures concern history of art, Polish tradition, traditional Polish cuisine, savoir-vivre, public presentations and communication skills, and dress code.

The Debutantes Programme aims also at awakening social sensitivity in these young women and educating them in the spirit of empathy. The girls participate in numerous charity campaigns dedicated to: senior actors living in the Veteran Artist’s Home in Skolimów, children from children’s homes, disabled children from the Podlasie region, SM patients, as well as, abandoned animals. The Programme’s great denouement is the annual Debutantes’ Ball.

Programme’s author and exhibition curator: Agnieszka Michalczyk

Creators of presented gowns: Amanda Grelich, Aleksandra Kwaśniewska, Ewa Dąbrowska, Karolina Paź, Karolina Wilczek, Magdalena Dziewulak, Monika Kawińska, Volga Bodarenko.

All costumes were made in the theatrical make-up and costume workshop, under the didactic guidance of Aleksandra Plewako-Szczerbińska and the supervision of the art director of the Warsaw School of Arts Agata Manowska.

TIME: until October 30, 2019, within the palace opening hours
PLACE: Palace, by the cloakroom
TICKETS: admission is free of charge

The gowns inspired by the fashion trends of the Belle Époque, handmade by female students of the Warsaw School of Arts, presented by the participants of the “Debutantes” educational and charitable programme on the main courtyard of the Wilanów Palace during the Night of Museums 2019. Click on the photo to see more