“Free November” in Royal Residences

On the initiative of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów, jointly with the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the Royal Łazienki Museum and the Wawel Royal Castle, has decided to provide free-of-charge access to its collections throughout November!

In November 2019 we invite you to the second route in the palace, where you can see the Princess Marshall Lubomirska’s Apartments, the Chinese and Hunting Rooms, the unique Nanban Table, the Silver collection, the Storage Accessible for Visitors (the first route is closed in November due to conservation reasons). More about the second route in the palace: here.

We also invite you to the park and to the temporary exhibition “The Armenian Cathedral in Lviv and Its Creators” presenting one of the oldest and the most historic churches of Lviv (which is a unique city for Poles). More about the exhibition: here.

Free tickets may be obtained by all prospective visitors, including especially children, young people and seniors. As with every year, there are three major objectives behind it, i.e. promoting cultural education, providing wider access to national culture institutions and increasing participation in culture. We would also like to invite those people who do not usually go to museums, hoping that this will be an inspiring beginning of their museum adventure.

Please note:

  • Free tickets for individual visitors can be obtained from the ticket office; no booking is required. The number of tickets for each day is limited due to conservational reasons.
  • The exhibition “The Armenian Cathedral in Lviv and Its Creators” is situated in the Orangery, in the park.
  • Group visits are available only in Polish, more info: here.
  • Entrance to the Royal Garden of Light between 4.00 and 9.00 p.m. remains paid; no booking is required.
  • For information about the Free November in other royal residences please check their websites.