Multimedia guide to the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów

The Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów has launched a complex information system, composed of QR codes, apps, mobile sites and an augmented reality layer. Nearly 50 objects located in the area of King Jan III’s summer residence have been marked with QR codes. On scanning, they give access to light mobile sites with presentations of specific points of interest. All the locations and objects have also been included in the augmented reality layer, using the geo-location technology. The mobile app in turn makes it possible to tour the park  with the help of the multimedia guide. Once installed on a visitor’s phone, it can be used without permanent Internet access. One can get acquainted with all the Wilanów points of interest helped by interactive maps with built-in navigation, descriptions of historic objects, photos and the QR code scanner. The guide also allows its user to listen to a CD with Baroque music or to hear the "Wilanów Imaginarium", which recreates sounds of the old suburban royal residence (e.g. sounds of nature, lessons of swordsmanship, rumbles of canons, horse shodding etc.).

The information system used by the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów comprises:

50 objects marked by QR codes (graphic signs redirecting to mobile sites),

the app,

the augmented reality layer,

the mobile site.

The “Wilanów Palace Museum” app  contains a portable tour guide providing interesting information and multimedia related to the Wilanów Palace, importantly with no need for a permanent Internet access. The app is available in 2 language versions: Polish and English. Once downloaded, the app makes it possible to access all the information and multimedia in the offline mode. The app allows to:

scan the QR codes located on 50 information plates,

access presentations of objects and multimedia,

display a visitor’s position and location of all the system objects on the map, thanks to the geo-location technology,

run a category-based object search (locations and historic objects, the beauty of the surrounding nature, viewing points).

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The multimedia information system project, implemented by the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów and designed for mobile devices, includes the Layer programme augmented reality layer (called "Pałac w Wilanowie" ["Wilanów Palace"]), created for smart phone users. Once the Layer programme has been installed on the smart phone, a visitor searches the desired layer and starts touring the palace by following virtual objects within the augmented reality, displayed on the phone by means by the built-in camera view. The Layer programme also allows to set the display mode of the historic objects in form of a list or a map.

The information system has been created thanks to the project “Wilanów Palace, a gem of Baroque among Mazovian royal residences. Restoration and conversion of its forefield for tourist reception and operation – stage one”, implemented as part of the Regional Operational Programme for the Mazovian Voivodeship 2007–2013.