Exhibition: “Reconstructions of Children’s Clothing from the 17th to the 19th c.” | until October 31, 2019

We are delighted to present a collection of entries into the Wilanów historical sewing contest. The entries were all created by historical sewing fans, who recreated children's clothing from three centuries. The clothes display their knowledge of historical pattern cutting, stitching, fabric and colour selection, and great attention to details and finishes.

For the fourth time, we’d invited young aficionados of historic sewing to participate in the Wilanów for Young Talents contest. The theme of the competition was Children’s Clothing from the 17th to the 19th Century.

For the contest, participants had to faithfully recreate a child's outfit in the style and fashion of the chosen time period. It wasn't just the outer clothing either - the undergarments were also part of the task, as they influenced the final cut, drape, silhouette of the cloth, and the movements of its wearer.

The project was quite a challenge for the young entrants. Recreating the clothing required not just imagination and skill, but also hours of careful analysis of historical portraits, and time spent searching for key accessories in our museum collection.

Our participants rose to the difficult task beautifully. They recreated the clothing with a real understanding of aesthetic norms across three centuries by choosing the right fabrics and accessories, as well as great attention to detail and finishes, all the while reflecting the archetypes fairthfully.

This Wilanów exhibition also brings great prestige to the young participants, who chose to enter the contest to broaden their educational horizons and realise their dreams and passions of recreating these children's fashions from bygone eras.

TIME: July 19 – October 31 2019
PLACE: In the palace
TICKETS: in the price of the ticket to the palace (routes 1)

Maria Zielińska