Regulations for visitors to the Palace and exhibitions at the Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów

1. From Monday to Sunday (except Thursdays), the following visitors are admitted to the palace at an hour specified in the previously acquired ticket:

a) organised groups of no more than 25 people (for reasons of safety of the visitors and the exhibits in restricted historic spaces and narrow, steep passages),

b) individual tourists.

2. The museum guarantees the booking for the specified hours and provides educational services (in accordance with the binding price list), as well as information about independent guides. Individual tourists can use an audio guide.

3. Organised groups are required to book the date and time of the visit. If they arrive over 15 minutes late, the ticket will become void and their visit or participation in the event described on the ticket annulled.

4. It is strictly prohibited to bring firearms and dangerous or sharp tools into the museum.

5. Pursuant to the Act on the protection of people and property of 22 August 1997 (Dz. U. z [Journal of Laws of] 2016, poz. [item] 1432, as amended), qualified security employees have the right to intervene and demand that anyone who fails to submit to these regulations leave the museum. Visitors are not entitled to any claims in this regard. Upon entering the museum, both the visitors and their luggage are subject to control, including scanning with electronic devices for the detection of hazardous materials and objects. Anyone who refuses to undergo control or deposit their luggage in the cloakroom will not be allowed into the museum. The maximum size of bags and backpacks allowed into the palace interiors is 30 x 22 x 15 cm. Larger bags and backpacks should be left in the case or the storeroom.

6. Organised groups, i.e. groups comprised of over 9 people, can only visit the palace with an educator or a guide.

7. Organised groups of visitors under 18 and children are only allowed in the museum if accompanied by their guardians.

8. Tourists move through the palace in one direction along the designated route; this does not apply to educational activities.

9. The tour begins and ends when the visitor passes the turnstiles. Upon entering the visiting route, the visitor is obliged to scan a valid admission ticket to the museum in the reader.

10. Thursday is the day of individual admission to the palace on the basis of free tickets issued for a specific hour; please note the following:

a) the number of tickets is limited;

b) one person is entitled to one free ticket;

c) guided group tours are prohibited;

d) exception is made for groups who have booked educational activities, which pay the regular entrance fee.

11. Visitors in the palace are kindly asked to:

a) leave all coats, umbrellas, briefcases, backpacks, large handbags, parcels, and other objects which may damage or destroy historic objects or harm other visitors in the cloakroom or deposit lockers (31 x 28 x 40 cm), and in the case of bulky objects – in the storeroom;

b) leave their prams in the space intended for this purpose – the storeroom;

c) keep quiet, respect tranquillity and order;

d) follow the instructions and advice of the museum staff, who are responsible for the safety of historic objects and tourists;

e) respect the ban on smoking, eating, and drinking;

f) respect the ban on touching the walls, historic objects, and technical equipment;

g) refrain from talking over mobile phones and mute sound signals during the visit; guides are asked not to use sound amplifying devices.

12. The visitors are requested to collect the left luggage immediately after a visit, however, no later than 15 minutes before the Palace closes. Failure to collect luggage, due to a terrorist threat, shall compel the Museum to notify law enforcement agencies with a view to eliminating the potential threat and calling on appropriate counter-terrorism services, the cost of which (PLN 2,000) shall be charged to an owner of the luggage.

13. If damage is caused to a historic object, the cost of its renovation is covered by the visitor.

14. The cost of a lost or destroyed cloakroom token is covered by the visitor to the amount of PLN 30.00. The charge is paid at the museum box office.

15. Please note the following:

a) taking photographs and filming in the interiors of the palace is allowed if

- it does not interfere with the movement of visitors or disturb them,
- it does not entail the risk of damaging the historic objects and museum equipment,
- it does not cause damage to other visitors (physically or in relation to the security of their personal property);

b) the photographs or footage may not be used for commercial purposes without the permission of the museum;

c) taking photographs or filming elements of the museum’s security systems is prohibited;

d) due to the requirements of conservation and physical protection of the museum’s property, it is forbidden to use flash, additional lighting, tripods (booms), and other devices in the interiors of the palace;

e) an exemption can be made from the prohibitions specified in points b) and d) with the individual consent of the director of the museum;

f) the museum is not responsible for the infringement of the personal rights of the tourists by third parties or any other damage incurred through photographing or filming;

g) the museum may prohibit photographing and filming of historic objects whose owner has not given permission to do so;

h) it is strictly prohibited to photograph and film the exposition area in Warehouse Art Galleries (due to the security of objects).

16. During the museum events, photographs and videos may be recorded by the organizer in order to provide information about museum activities, as well as to document and advertise them. Photographs and videos may be published on the museum website, in social media and other informational materials, prepared and distributed by the museum. 

17. The visitors are kindly reminded that animals other than guide dogs are not allowed in the palace interiors due to the concern for the safety of all visitors and historic objects.

18. Please be advised that anyone disturbing the peace and order and failing to abide by these rules may be denied the right to visit the palace without refund.

19. Please note that the museum interiors are constantly monitored by surveillance staff, cameras and security systems.

20. Please respect the rules of work of the guards, who are not obliged to provide information, since their task is primarily to protect the historic objects.

Welcome to the museum!

Director of the Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów