Sightseeing information

Sightseeing conditions:

- Guided tours in the Palace in groups of up to 25 persons (please book in advance).

- The Park can be viewed without a guide.

- Temporary exhibitions at the Orangery are visited on individual bases.

- Organized groups should book entrance tickets to the Palace at least one week in advance:
- phone number: 0048 22 54 42 850 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.),
- via e-mail at

- In case of cancellation of a booked visit is made less than two working days before the booking date, the Museum will charge the booking prty a fee equivalent to 50% total value of the booked entrance tickets to the Palace or, in case of guided tour in the Park - a fee equivalent to total value of the booked guide service.

- School-teachers and guardians of pupils are entitled to a discount tickets to the Museum.

- If you are eligible for free admission, please collect your free ticket to be admitted to the Palace, the Park and the Exhibitions.

- Prices of entrance tickets for concerts and other events at the Museum vary for each event.

- On Thursday you can tour the Palace free of charge. The free admission on that day is offered to individual visitors only. No advance booking is made for Thursday, nor is there any tour guide service available. Free admission tickets with specified entrance time can be collected from the palace ticket office on the day of the visit.
The number of free admission tickets is limited.
On Thursday it is strictly forbidden to have guided tours through the Palace.
The free admission to the Palace on Thursday does not include temporary exhibitions in the Orangery.

- Museum informs about every unplanned change in accessibility of permanent and temporary exhibitions in the Palace, the Kitchen Annex and the Orangery at least 14 days in advance.

- Photographing and filming within the Palace interiors with the use of flash, additional lighting, stands and other equipment is prohibited. Photographing and filming may not disrupt tourist traffic or disurb other visitors. Photographic matetial may be use only for non-commercial purposes.
  - It is prohibited to rest cameras and film/video cameras against walls, exhibits, displays cabinet and other furniture and fittings.
  - Photographing and filming of security system components near exhibits and inside exhibition rooms is prohibited.

- In the Park photographs and video recordings are permitted free of charge provided that they are intended for non-commercial use and do not cause damage to the historic setting. For commercial recordings or photographs, please obtain the Museum's prior consent. This is done through a formal contract stipulating the payment conditions, which depend on the intended use of the photographs/recordings, and on the scale of disruption caused to the normal operation of the Park (including any measures required to protect the historic elements).

- On individual request we can organize paid group tours of the Palace and the Exhibitions in the evenings, which can be connected with a music concert.
- For detailed information please contact Public Service Department by calling at 48 (22) 5442 800 as well as via e-mail:

- Introducing bicycles and animals into the Palace Courtyard and the Park is prohibited (does not concern persons with guide dogs).

- Bicycles you can park at the palace gate.

Please, read Rules And Regulations for Ticket Reservation and Online Ticket Purchase.