Exhibition: “The Wilanów Microcosm – representation of insects on pottery” | until October 16

Insects are an extremely diverse group of animals. They can be found in parks, forests, meadows, fields, under the surface of water and above it. They also live in cities, in buildings. They walk on the ground, bury themselves in it, climb blades of grass, trunks of trees, walls, partitions, ceilings; they fly, swim, jump, build extraordinary structures. Some of them live alone, others form communities. Would we be able to live without insects? What would happen if bees disappeared? Although the presence of some insects can be bothersome, they are an extremely important element of ecosystems. It is pointed out, more and more often, that excessive exploitation of the environment causes a decline in biodiversity, including insects. As fragile and delicate creatures, insects are an important motif in art. Their unusual shapes can arouse extreme emotions: admiration, fascination, fear, disgust. Some enchant us with the multitude of colours, while others surprise with the structure of their legs or tentacles.

Grasshopper – non-realistic depiction, decorative element of a vase with a cover, Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów

Just as the forms of insects can be amazing, the objects presented at the exhibition surprise us with their shape and, sometimes, with their intended use as well. Dainty salt bowls, showy vases, openwork faience stool... all of them are an intricate background of artistic and entomological decoration. The exhibition features eighteenth and nineteenth-century items, some of them originating from the first European porcelain factory in Meissen.

The exhibition is presented in the North Gallery of the Palace. The exhibition is accompanied by recordings of insect sounds, prepared under the project Protection of Habitats of Priority Bird Species of the Vistula River Valley under the Circumstances of Intensive Pressure from Warsaw Agglomeration (Wislawarszawska.pl), supported by the European Union LIFE+ financial instrument and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW) implemented by the Capital City of Warsaw in cooperation with the Warsaw Society for the Protection of Birds.

When: 15 June – 16 October 2019
Where: Palace, North Gallery
Hour: within the palace opening hours
entrance ticket to the palace for route 1 of the visit

The exhibition is accompanied by an educational programme:

Walks around the exhibition

Listen to stories of the objects presented and the insects depicted on them. We are going to practice our attentive observation skills. You will learn about the uniqueness of insects in comparison with other organisms and about the characteristics of various insect groups.

When: 6 July, 24 August at 1.00-2.30 p.m.
For whom: adults, families with children aged over 7

Place: palace
Admission: a 10 PLN ticket for each participant of the meeting. Tickets available at the museum box office and online. Number of attendees limited.
Meeting point: palace cloakroom.