“Wilanów Live” mobile app

Tour the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów with “Wilanów Live” mobile app.

The new “Wilanów Live” app can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

The  app contains all information helpful in making smart phone users’ visit to Wilanów truly enjoyable.  Thanks to the app, visitors can browse through the latest of the museum activities, find out about exciting events and new exhibitions, tour the museum using the micro-guide to 10 different points of interest located in the palace and the surrounding park, locate their current position on the park map, find out the opening hours, the admission fees and download the 2 available guide apps.

The  app was created as part of the strategy focused on portable tools, adopted by the museum a few years ago. Assisted by the app with iiiGuide audio-guide, you can tour the palace and scan QR codes from plates located on stands in the park.  So far, the museum has been short of an app combining the already existing projects, which would be available for downloading just after a visitor’s arrival in Wilanów or even beforehand. “Wilanów Live” app fills the previously missing gap.


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